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Manu Temple, Manali

Manu Temple of Manali is one of the most important places to visit in Manali, popular hill station and well known tourist place in Himachal Pradesh, north Indian state. Manu Temple is dedicated to the creator of the world and human race according to Hindu mythology and it is supposed to be the only temple of Manu in India that is why it is very popular place to visit. Among local people and people from nearby area Manu Temple is well known and they pay a visit to the temple regularly.

Temple has traditional looks and very interesting architecture that attracts even people who are not particularly religious. It is an old temple but it was renewed at the beginning of 1990s when vaulted ceiling and marble floors were made there so it got quite modern looks and well maintenance. Design of the temple is very unique and unusual. It is a Hindu temple, but the construction shows influence of Tibet, so you may be surprised of patterns and aspects that are not usually used in shrines of Hinduism. Building is mostly made of wood from the outside as well from the inside and you can admire fine woodworks, decorations and carvings. There is dominant temple tower that makes it easily recognizable, even the temple itself is quite small. Temple stands on the banks of Beas River and allows getting wonderful views from its spot. Although it is standing among other buildings, it provides place to sit and enjoy atmosphere and significance of the temple, its history and religious importance.

Religious background of Manu Temple in Manali

In Hindu mythology Manu is a creator of the world and creator of the human race and it is believed Manali was the spot where he spent his time meditating when he came on earth. Temple is there to remind to the people the great era of Manu. That is why Manu Temple in Manali is important pilgrimage spot and many devotees visit the temple every year.

Manu temple is sacred and auspicious place so you should choose carefully your dress. ry to cover your shoulders and wear something with length at least up to your knees when you enter the temple.

How to get to Manu Temple

Manali is connected with Delhi, Chandiagarh, Shimla and Kullu by regular transport or by cabs. When you are already in Manali, it doesn’t take long to get to the temple. Manu Temple is easily reachable as it is situated in Old Manali, only 3km from Mall Road which is considered to be the center part of Manali. If you wan to walk from Manali, then you will get to the path leading to it, but be careful as stones may be slippery. The way is narrow and steep, leading atop of the hill up the Manali. If you mind walking you can hire a taxi to take you to the temple. There is no parking and road is congested, so we highly recommend to enjoy fresh air better. Moreover, on the way to the temple you can appreciate seeing old style houses and local atmosphere.