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Hadimba Temple is one of the best well known temples of Manali. It is commonly called also Hidimba Devi Temple or Dhungai Mata Temple. This is an ancient temple standing very close to Manali and attracts many Hindu devotees and tourists. Visit at Hadimba Temple is essential when you have your stop in Manali.

Hadimba Devi Temple is very unique ancient cave temple with interesting design. It is of pagoda construction of 4 storeys, made mostly of timber. Wooden temple building stands among trees and surrounding forest called Van Vihar that creates amazing, tranquil and natural atmosphere to this sacred place of worship.

Temple is dedicated to Hadimbi Devi, who was a sister of Hidimba, one character of Mahabharata. Hindus will know the mythology better, and they may know that Hadimbi became a wife of Bhiv, one of Pandava brothers, after he killed her brother. After they married they had a child – a son Ghatotkacha whose temple is situated nearby Hidimba Devi Temple in the forest. It is believed that she was kind and heloing woman and had supernatural powers and became very popular and she became deity of Rajas of Kullu.

Hadimbi Devi Temple in Manali is one of the oldest ones. Dates back to 1553 and wooden construction was actually build over big stone located inside. It is believed that this was the place where Hadimba did her meditation. There are no idols to worship, but footprint on stone. Tower of the temple is over 20 meters high and there are nice carvings in the wood especially by the entrance. It is small, but with its special looks and attractive environment it is popular place to visit in Manali. Hadimba Devi Temple stands in the middle of the forest in serene environment full of greenery that visitors admire a lot. It is a calm, holy place to go to when you search for short walk combining tranquility and scenic nature.

If you want to see the Hadimba Temple during a festival, then there are two options a year. Every year there is a fair held to remind the builder of the temple – Raja Bahadur Sravan. Another festival popular in Manali and attracting women from surrounding areas is held on 14th March of every year. This one is dedicated to Hadimba Devi, as this date is supposed to be her birthday date.

When you get to the temple don’t forget to take picture with people having cute woolen angora rabbits, sheep or yaks with them for this purpose.

How to get to Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple is very close to Manali and it is easily reachable. It is located in distance of only around 1-2 kilometers from the Mall Road which is considered to be the center of Manali. You can reach there by walking in 15 – 20 minutes or if you prefer a cab, you can hire some in Manali. Visit of Hadimba Temple is often offered as a part of organized tour packages to visit places of interest in Manali.